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Oakville Youth SymposiumInsideHalton.com - A conversation about sexting made Oakville high school students anxiously squirm in their seats and fall silent as the topic turned to teen suicide and drug addiction.

“The fun went out of drug use the day I got hooked. The fun went out of it the day I couldn’t say no and I had everything,” addiction counsellor and radio personality Mark Elliot told teens representing 11 schools who were attending last week’s Oakville Youth Symposium.


How and why not to drink to excess over the holidays

“We are in a wild, out-of-control era in which we tell ourselves we are entitled to whatever we want whenever we want it,” says addictions expert

Toronto Star -- Whether it’s a few mugs of mulled wine at Christmas or a couple of bottles of Champagne at New Year’s or some wine in between, the holidays aren’t known as a time of alcoholic restraint.

A recent Harris Interactive survey showed that a whopping 96 per cent of respondents went to work hung over after a holiday party or knew someone who did, and 40 per cent of people said they, their friends and their family use the holidays as an excuse to drink. 


Holidays often a difficult time for addicts and their families

Alcohol & the Holidays

Canada AM - From festive parties to the stress of family get-togethers, the holidays are already an overwhelming time. But they can be especially difficult for those dealing with addiction.

Mark Elliot, an addictions counsellor and recovering alcoholic, says for many alcoholics and addicts, Christmas is one of the hardest times of the year. It's so hard on some people, they spend half the year worrying about it. More...

ALSO: 10 Ways to Avoid Holiday Addiction Relapses


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Potential new treatment for alcohol dependence: Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonists

Mad Friday: Messiest moments as Brits enjoy the Christmas spirit a bit TOO Much

People with opioid dependence in recovery show 're-regulation' of reward systems

Booze calculator: What's your drinking nationality?

New York Woman Sues Police for Not Arresting Son for DWI

Receive $100 for reporting an impaired driver in Palm Beach County

NYC Drunk Diver Stella Mednik Mowed Down Five People On Herald Square, Crack Pipes Found In Car

Wisconsin drunk driving suspect: 'A-B-C-D ... I'm gonna kill all y'all'

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Where to buy e-cigarettes in Canada

Hospital Vice: 'Option two was, just give him a beer.'

CBC Radio - The hallowed halls of health have a weird relationship with vice. They want you to curb your unhealthy impulses. But they often look the other way when it's good for the bottom line -- whether it's buying bad food or gambling that you'll win big in a fund-raising lottery. And sometimes hospitals even endorse your vice -- just because it might be the lesser of two evils.

This week, we patrol the hospital with health care workers on the vice beat who all have different approaches to helping and healing. More...

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Rare look inside secretive family court reveals parents struggling with poverty, addiction and mental illness

 Family Court

National Post - There isn’t a spare seat in this courthouse waiting room on a Wednesday at noon: Multi-generational families sit huddled together, wearing their winter coats. A woman talks on her cellphone, vowing to record her next interaction with the Children’s Aid Society, to have some kind of proof of suspected misdeeds. A man’s hushed argument with a child protection worker escalates: “I’ll make sure to call you if he loses a shoelace,” he says dismissively before turning away. A child, about 6, bolts from his father and veers through the maze of strangers. Dad catches up eventually. More...

A Prescription to End Drinking
Data on Medicine for Alcohol Disorders Pushes Doctors Beyond 12-Step Programs

Alcohol and the brain
Wall Street Journal - New understanding of how alcohol affects the brain is prompting addiction experts to make a push for using medications to help people quit or cut down on excessive drinking.

For years, treatment has meant 28 days of rehab or a 12-step program. Success meant total abstinence. Only 1 in 10 of the 17 million Americans with a drinking problem ever tried.

Dr Steven R. Miller PhD

Mouse Party
Take a look inside the brains of mice on drugs

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10 Questions with ... Mark Elliot

AllAccess.com- May 29, 2012

1972: Overnights on CHIC 790, Brampton, Ontario
1972/74: Morning Man on CFOM AM, Quebec City, Quebec
1974/75: Overnights on CFRW AM, Winnipeg, Manitoba
1975/86: Evenings on CFRA AM, Ottawa, Ontario
1986/87: Evenings on CFGO AM, Ottawa, Ontario
1988/95: Evenings on CKLW FM, Windsor/Detroit
1995/2000: "People Helping People" originating on CKLW AM, Windsor and carried on the CHUM Radio Network in Canada.
2000/2002: "People Helping People" originating on CFMJ Toronto and carried on CKLW AM, Windsor
2002/Today: "People Helping People" Saturdays on CFRB AM, Toronto.
2003/2007: Full time talk host of "The Nightside" on CFRB.

1. First off, how did you get into radio? What attracted you to the medium?

I was a little kid who had CHUM on my radio all day and under my pillow at night growing up! All of my heroes were deejays on CHUM, and I was determined I was going to be one! Never did work at CHUM Toronto, although I was with the company off and on over 20 years in other Canadian markets. I got into radio at the University of Waterloo and the rest is history, I guess.

2. Your current radio gig is hosting "People Helping People," a show about addictions on CFRB every week, which you started way back in the CKLW days -- in recovery, you've become a certified addiction counselor and you're using it on the air. What compelled you to take your personal experiences and use them to help others in this manner? What drives you to pay it forward, in a manner of speaking?  More...
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